7RLIC Call For Papers

Fifty years ago, when the Rizal Library first opened, students were required to remain completely silent inside the premises, research was done by searching typewritten 3x5 cards and print indexes, and there were no computers on campus. Fifty years later, the Rizal Library—along with other libraries in the Philippines—allows students to hold group discussions in designated areas, research can be done using print and electronic resources, and assignments can be written and printed on PCs and Macs. The Rizal Library has changed with the times during the past five decades but its mission—to facilitate learning—remains the same. 

This year, the Rizal Library International Conference, with “Click!” as its theme, aims to cultivate discourses on the library’s capacity to expand its network within the community, through culture and society, and in the field of communication and technology.


On its 50th anniversary, the Rizal Library invites librarians, professors, and enthusiasts to submit papers that explore the enrichment of library management and experience in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. Suggested topics include:

  1. Community: institutional collaborations, library partnerships, librarian empowerment and capacity building, knowledge development
  2. Culture and History: Philippine studies and libraries, Jose Rizal and libraries, evolution of cultures in literary texts, reading customs and practices
  3. Communication and Technology: social media, source preservation, accessibility, big data, data mining

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Author/s
  2. Title
  3. Topic (choose from those enumerated above) 
  4. Paper abstract (maximum of 250 words) 
  5. Curriculum vitae with photo (indicate achievements and/or publications within the last 5 years) 

Please email proposals to rl.internationalconference@gmail.com  by 15 June 2017.

Important dates

15 June 2017
Submission of paper proposals
15 July 2017
Notification of accepted proposals
1 September 2017
Submission of full paper
30 September 2017
Deadline for early bird registration
16-18 November 2017
Conference proper

For more information you may contact the following

Engracia S. Santos
Conference Chair
Ateneo de Manila University
+[632] 4266001 ext. 5559/5564
Rosalyn Santos
Conference Co-Chair
Ateneo de Manila University
+[632] 4266001 ext. 5559/5564
Kareen Banal
Head, Promotions Committee
Ateneo de Manila University
+[632] 4266001 ext. 5554

Download: Call For Papers

Rizal Library International Conference (RLIC)


The history of the Rizal Library International Conference (RLIC) may be traced to 2002, after the resounding success of the International Seminar-Workshop on “E-Publishing Trends and Issues: Implications to Library Collection Development and Services,” which was sponsored by Rizal Library in cooperation with the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA). This seminar-workshop was a mandate of Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, then President of the Ateneo de Manila University, and was spearheaded by Mrs. Lourdes David, then Director of the Rizal Library. Consequently, she initiated the move to conduct another international conference for librarians and information professionals.

Thus, with the aim of providing a venue for exchanging information and ideas, as well as establishing linkages among colleagues in the profession, the first RLIC entitled “Library Management in the 21st Century” was conducted in March 2004. Since then, the RLIC has been held regularly every two years.


  1. 1st RLIC.
    “Library Management in the 21st Century.”
    Chair: Fernan Dizon

  2. 2nd RLIC.
    “Challenges in Preserving and Managing Cultural Heritage Resources.”
    Chair: LLeuvelyn Cacha

  3. 3rd RLIC.
    “From Classroom to Career: Roadmaps to a Library’s Success.”
    Chair: Susan Pador

  4. 4th RLIC.
    “Library Spaces: Building Effective and Sustainable Physical and Virtual Libraries.”
    Chair: Waldetrudes Cueto

  5. 5th RLIC.
    “Libraries, Archives and Museums: Common Challenges, Unique Approaches.”
    Chair: Ma. Cristina Nabaunag

  6. 6th RLIC.
    “Leadership and Change: Setting Directions, Braving the Odds.”
    Chair: Janny S. Surmieda