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Game Changer

Game Changer

The Role of Organizations, Librarians, and Influencers in Nation Building


Ateneo de Manila University

October 17-19, 2019




Quantum leaps have been made in every field of human endeavor, over the past centuries, leading to many discoveries, inventions, and/or styles that at some point may have been recognized as  “game changers.”

The Rizal Library invites librarians, information professionals, professors, experts, change makers, and enthusiasts to submit papers for the 8th Rizal Library International Conference (RLIC) with the theme “Game Changer: The Role of Organizations, Librarians, and Influencers in Nation Building.”

The conference aims to gather insights into the various functions and significant roles of different organizations, librarians, and influencers that serve as catalysts for the progress of libraries and national development. It also aims to explore the many challenges in promoting nationalism and culture in the local and global context.

True to its mission of providing a venue for exchanging information and ideas, as well as establishing linkages among colleagues in the profession, the Rizal Library seeks to bring together international and local experts to discuss the issues and trends that are shaping not only the future of libraries, but of the nation as well.

Take an active part in this game changing event as we try to explore the possibilities, communicate differences, and unite in providing positive steps geared toward nation building.



CPD Points and CHED endorsement will be processed for this conference.


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