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Rizal Lib Student Assistantship Program

Submitted by webAdmin on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 09:33
Student Assistanceship Program

What exactly is the nature of the job?  Student assistants shall be assigned to a specific section in the Rizal Library depending on his/her skills and experience. The nature of tasks include (but are not limited to): archival work, clerical tasks (such as filing documents), reference work, assisting in library tours, helping out during library programs and events, etc.  This shall be discussed in detail during the interview.

Will this be credited as service hours for scholars?  Sorry, student assistantship hours cannot be credited as service hours. However, we do accept scholars who would like to render service hours under a different program. Kindly look for Ms. Flor Domingo at the Director's Office (2/F, New Lib) for more information.

How much will we be paid?  This will be discussed during the interview. Rest assured that the rate shall be fair.

Is this also open to graduate students?  Yes! The program is open to all students of the Loyola Schools. 

Is the character reference the same as a recommendation letter from anyone working in the Ateneo?  You may submit a recommendation letter, however, it is not required. Indicating the name of your professor and his/her contact details at the bottom of your CV shall suffice. Just make sure he/she is willing to vouch for your character should we contact him/her.

What's a CV?  Uhhh. http://jobsearch.about.com/od/cvsamples/a/blsamplecv.htm (link is external)

Why so adorable, Rizal Library?  I'd have to get back to you on this one...