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The Lewis E. Gleeck Book Collection

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2/14/2011 12:30:00 PM
The exhibit showcase 19 books and scores of articles written by the late Mr. Lewis E. Gleeck, Jr. on the American experience in the Philippines.

Mr. Gleeck was a member of the Foreign Service of the United States, serving several times in Washington and in Canada, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Iceland, Norway and Pakistan before arriving in the Philippines, where he retired after six years (1962-1969) as Consul General of the American Embassy in Manila.

He then joined the USAID to work on land reform and cooperatives and subsequently to serve for several years as consultant on base-community relations to the U.S. Navy at Subic Bay. He was a long-time editor of the AHC Bulletin and curator of the AHC library. Please click here to download the list of books and reports written by Mr. Gleeck.