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We Forum

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We Forum

Thanks to the generosity of the family of the late Jose Burgos, Jr., We Forum's entire print run is now part of the Rizal Library's collection.

To see digital copies of We Forum from 1977 to 1985, click here: http://rizal2.lib.admu.edu.ph/weforum/.


From the maiden May 1977 issue...

When martial law was imposed, the hardest hit was the press. Newspapers and magazines, alongside with radio and television stations, were shut down. Some 30 mass media representatives, particularly from the press, were arrested.

As normalcy settled down early in 1973, the dailies resumed normal operations, except those publications dubbed as “sequestered” by the authorities.

But a totally different type of journalism emerged. Critics assailed the print medium as overly “timid”. Apparently, they said, the press people have a shallow perception of their role in a changing society.

The question of what happened to press freedom was inevitable. How has the press fared since the promulgation of 1081? WE attempts to answer these ticklish questions and more.


Photo: Front page from November 1982.