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Computer Services


The Computer Services section and staff operates in the Information Commons (3rd and 4th floor of the New Rizal Library) and the computer room at CTC 101. It is also found in the computer room on the ground floor of Matteo Ricci, with more than 300 computers for the use of students. This section also handles any problems encountered with the library computers.

As part of the Library Technical Services, this section provides computing, networking, data security, information technology training, web services, client support, printing-related support, PC repair, installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, policies and procedures, Internet labs, IT planning, application development and support and operational systems to the Rizal Library in order to serve the Ateneo community.


Offered Services:

  • Provides printing service in Information Commons, CTC 101, and Matteo Ricci;
  • Attends to Library PC-related concerns;
  • Regulates the use of the 4th-floor enclosed computer lab for research or experiment.



Gerry Laroza
glaroza@ateneo.edu (link sends e-mail)
Tel. (632) 426-6001 local 5565 / 5568

Eric Santos
ejsantos@ateneo.edu (link sends e-mail)

Bernard Paras
bparas@ateneo.edu (link sends e-mail)

Rico Lomarda
rlomarda@ateneo.edu (link sends e-mail)

Henry B. Quidic
hquidic@ateneo.edu (link sends e-mail)

Clara Riza T. David
cdavid@ateneo.edu (link sends e-mail)

Days Time
Monday to Friday 7:30AM - 7:30PM
     Information Commons 3rd Floor
     Information Commons 4th Floor
8:00AM - 6:00PM