Trial Access to Digital Theatre Plus Until August 26, 2015

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Trial Access to Digital Theatre Plus Until August 26, 2015

The Loyola Schools has once again been granted trial access to Digital Theatre Plus until August 26, 2015. The trial can likewise be accessed off-campus (through the bit.ly/rloffcampusaccess link).

Digital Theatre Plus offers schools, colleges and universities
worldwide the access to some of the most critically acclaimed
performances from recent history, as well as interviews, documentaries and iconic performances captured by our renowned partners.

This is a good resource for those who need access to high-quality
performances of Shakespeare and other classic texts, as well as drama and theatre students who are seeking insight into the creative industries, and want to hear from professionals working as actors, directors, or designers.

Trial access link: https://www.digitaltheatreplus.com/

We would appreciate your feedback on the database before the end of the trial period. Please do not hesitate to contact us or anyone at the Reference desk (G/F, New Rizal Library) should you need further assistance.


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